What does your Poo say about you?

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What does your poo say about you?
Is it talking about you behind your back?
Yes it is, loud and clearly!

What your bowel movements do show is how efficiently or inefficiently your digestive system is working, as your bowels are the end result of your digestive system. The texture, colour, smell, does it sink of float, does it get stuck to the side of the toilet or something else?  Any deviation away form a comfortable formed movement shows that something is wrong and your body it is not working correctly. You can continue to ignore it yet the longer you leave it, the more exaggerated the symptoms will become. Your finger nails may become soft, brittle, they peel or have spots and lines on them. The list of symptoms from your bowels and digestive system not working correctly are to many to list.  If your bowels are not functioning correctly then your ability to absorb the nutrients from the food you are eating is compromised.


The good news is they can be corrected with some herbal supplements and nutritional changes allowing you to start feeling comfortable and healthy once again. For long standing issues it will take more than one treatment to correct naturally. So have a look at the picture and have a laugh and feel free to share. If you recognise something is not right and you would like to do something to correct it then give me a call and I will teach you what can be done to improve your health and quality of life. One movement at a time.

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