Preventing a heart attack

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Is prevention better than cure?
The American heart association has set a new policy for the prevention of cardiovascular disease by reducing or removing the risk factors that lead to cardiovascular disease in the first place. The interventions listed are able to prevent the risk factors that have lead to this epidemic that we now have. The rational is instead of someone having a heart attack from having high cholesterol why don’t we stop them from having high cholesterol, therefore preventing the risk factor for the disease in the first place. These ideas lead to the following preventative recommendations.
Behaviours that greatly reduce the chances of having a heart attack are:-
1 Stop smoking if you do.
2 Don’t be overweight.
3 Walk at least 22 minutes every day.
4 Eat 2 serving of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables every day.
5 Having below average cholesterol.
6 Having normal blood pressure.
7 Having normal blood sugar.
8 Eat a healthy balanced diet including whole grain, beans and high in fibre.
9 Drink no more than 2 serving of soft drink and alcohol a week and have a low processed food diet.
One study shows that by following the above recommendations you can reduce the risk of having a heart attack by 90%. Is it time to make a few small changes to your diet and lifestyle?
James Maloney N.D

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