Is it time to love your Liver, cleanse and feel fantastic?

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Is it time to give your Liver some Love?

The Liver is part of the gastrointestinal system and is located in the upper abdomen to the right. The Liver carries out over 500 different functions many of these functions are necessary for our survival, including the processes of metabolism, digestion, cleansing of the blood to remove toxins. It is continually working to keep us healthy, it regulates most chemical levels in the blood. All of the blood that leaves the intestines passes through the portal vein and is then processed by the Liver. The Liver then breaks down the nutrients allowing the body to use what has been ingested and discarding what it doesn’t need or want.
Some of the well known functions of the Liver are:


The cells of the Liver contain thousands of enzymes that the body uses for chemical reactions in metabolism. People consume toxins from foods, drugs and water every day. A healthy Liver is capable of transforming these potentially harmful substances, into harmless products that are eliminated in the bile or via the Kidneys then passed our via the bowels or the urine. Protecting us from these toxic substances is essential for our survival.

Nutrient Processing

Nutrients consumed in the diet travel from the stomach to the intestine and then to the Liver where they are processed into substances that the body’s tissues can use. The Liver synthesises, stores and releases nutrients into the blood based on the body’s needs at that point in time. Excess nutrients will be stored or discarded.

Cholesterol Production

Each day, the Liver makes about 1,000 milligrams of cholesterol, which is used for production of hormones, Vitamin D and bile.

Protein Synthesis

The Liver makes certain proteins necessary for blood clotting and for transporting nutrients such as iron. Many blood proteins are also needed for water balance in the body. The Liver produces proteins involved in the functioning of the immune system helping to protect us and keep us strong.

Bile Production

The Liver produces bile, which is stored in the gall bladder. Bile aids in the absorption and digestion of fats and assists with elimination of toxins from the body.


Many nutrients are stored in the Liver, including certain fats, Vitamin B12, iron, copper and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K. The Liver also stores glycogen, the stored form of glucose that is stored energy as fat adipose tissue.

Blood Sugar Regulation

The body must maintain blood glucose within a particular range. When blood glucose falls too far, the Liver can convert stored glycogen back to glucose, or it can make glucose from amino acids to raise blood glucose to a normal level. Providing us with a healthy balance at all times.

Your Liver is working 24/7 every day of your life, to the best of it’s ability. It is working right now, in fact there is never a time when the Liver is not working. Every toxin that goes into the body is transported to and processed in the Liver to be then removed, protecting the body as best it can continuously. When your diet and or lifestyle is less than idea, if you regularly drink alcohol then over time this will take it’s toll on the Liver and the your health. Reducing the Liver’s ability to perform the over 500 different functions every day, will slowly erode your quality of life. This can express itself in many different ways, from feeling tired, bloated, gas, not digesting food well, compromising on your ability to absorb the required nutrients from the food you eat. Leaving you undernourished despite eating a healthy diet. The skin begins getting blemishes and different colour markings, rashes and itchy skin, the whites of the eyes not shinny white any more, or even yellow eyes and fingers. Not thinking as clearly as you used to and your memory not as sharp as it once was, just not feeling calm and relaxed. Your sleep will not be as deep and not waking up feeling refreshed and full of energy. Your bowels and urine can show changes in colour and smell. You know your body is not functioning 100%, when you don’t feel alive and full of energy.

When was the last time you did a Liver detox? If it was more than 12 months then it is in your best interests to look after this vital organ and indeed your health, today and help future proof your quality of life. Can you think of anything more important to your health than a good flush of the Liver to protect your health? Think of this as your insurance policy that will allow the over 500 different functions to be working at the best of their ability to safeguard your health and your quality of life. Improving digestion and feeling alive again, feeling calm and clean and full of energy. Most people that do a Liver detox will loose 3-4 kgs without trying, as all these functions start functioning the way they are designed again it just happens naturally and automatically. As oestrogen and progesterone are cleared through the liver this will help clear away any excess hormones in the Liver and blood.

A Liver detox takes either two or four weeks, it’s your choice. You will need to make some nutritional changes over that time and you will also need to take a powdered herbal supplement that tastes fine or liquid herbs your choice. If you would like to do one great thing for your Liver, to improve the state of your health and your mind then a Liver cleanse is for you. This is the opportunity to flush the body clean and start 2017 clean, calm, empowered and full of energy.

Your health is your greatest Wealth. James Maloney N.D

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