How to choose your quality of life

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How to choose your quality of life


The human body is made up of a series of bones that form our skeleton. Providing protection to the brain and organs, attachment points for muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue, allowing us to move at will and function as we move. The body is made up of different organs and systems that work in harmony with each other allowing us to function efficiently and with ease. As our body moves the way it is designed and we provide it with the nutritional requirements it needs we live in comfort and with a quality of life. We enjoy being supple, agile, nimble feeling comfortable and full of energy providing freedom of movement and a quality of life.


When we injure ourselves and don’t attend to it we start compensating for the way we move and function. If not corrected this compensation then becomes part of our new adjusted normal way of life. This then affects our freedom of movement allowing discomfort to set in and restricts the body’s ability to function and to move as it is designed. Freedom lost.


If the nutrition that is placed into the body is consistently undernourishing one part of the body then this part can not function as designed. This will go on to affect other organs and systems that rely on this function for their ability to work efficiently. This happens over time and then becomes the new normal, by the time most people age they don’t feel or move as they where designed to. The longer it is left unchecked the more freedom is lost.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that 90% of all Australians will die prematurely form a chronic illness that was preventable. This chronic illness removed there quality of life over years or decades, this was excepted as normal. Freedom lost.


When injuries or illnesses happen you seek professional advice to learn what can be done to remove this restriction and allow you to enjoy freedom of movement and have a quality of life once again. Our injuries and illnesses show us how we have used our bodies incorrectly and can teach us how to become strong once again. This knowledge is empowering, allowing our freedom to return.


On a nutritional level our deficiencies teach us what is required to ensure we can reach our potential. Giving the body nutritionally what it requires allows us to enhance our quality of life. Safeguarding and protecting ourselves from any deficiencies/illnesses improving our quality of life and up hold our freedom.


This is displayed in your energy levels, your ability to move and function with ease. Can you relax at will, go to sleep at will, focus, concentrate and remember as required. How is your blood sugar, digestion and bowels? Are you pain and discomfort free? Every organ and system is part of the whole organism that is responsible for your quality of life. How you look after it will determine your quality of life or not. Freedom gained or lost.


Most people take far greater care of their car than they do their body. You only have one body. What if you treated your body like the vehicle that you are traveling in on this planet. You took it for regular check up every six months or sooner if under high stress physical or mentally, (extra km travels in a short period of time). As you know if you regally get your vehicle checked it will save you money in the long run and runs much more efficiently. Prevention is better than cure, freedom gained.


Seek professional advise, to create your future quality of life. Ensuring your body is functioning as designed and protecting your freedom. Protecting your most valuable asset, YOU and YOUR quality of life. Freedom gained.


What if once a year you did a Liver detox? Cleaned out your digestion and bowels? Worked on your Pancreas ect. Took herbs and made simple nutritional changes as your insurance policy to an enhance quality of life and have a greater life expectancy. Would this be a good investment?


When your body is not functioning with ease and comfort seek professional advice, to ensure your freedom is returned. Your future quality of life depends on the quality of care YOU choose.


Your health is your greatest wealth.

James Maloney N.D

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